What is Sales2Go in one sentence?

Sales2Go is software able to replace a large team of AdWords account managers for a fraction of the price.

How does the algorithm identify products with competitive advantage?

To set up the service, we have a conversation with a client about business environment and strategy. Based on this data, we then create a set of rules that Sales2Go algorithm operates on.

Is Sales2Go service totally automated?

No, certain parts of the process (e.g., setting up the algorithm) need human supervision.

What is the main advantage of Sales2Go for businesses?

Generally, there are two ways to increase profit: lowering costs or selling more. Our tool can be highly effective for achieving either goal.

What is the difference between Sales2Go and AdWords Scripts?

Sales2Go is a service to create advertising campaigns, whereas AdWords Scripts help managing an existing campaign. So even though both tools can be combined, they are entirely different.

What is the difference between Sales2Go and Google Dynamic Remarketing or Dynamic Search Ads?

Remarketing tools are meant to reach existing customers, whereas Sales2Go could also used to attract new ones. In comparison with Dynamic Search Ads, our software has more options to manage ad content. What is more, Sales2Go ad headline, description and extensions are updated instantly, whereas DSA changes take some time to appear and are not recommended by Google itself for websites where content changes daily.

Is Sales2Go suitable for every website?

Our service is primarily directed towards e-commerce systems with large and rapidly changing product catalogues. For smaller websites, we recommend other solutions which are just as effective.

How much will I have to pay Google for an ad click?

Google apply the same pricing principles both for standard ads and Sales2Go ads. However, since our ads are usually more detailed and personalized, they are ranked higher and therefore get better positions and lower cost-per-click.

Is my website data safe while using the service?

Yes, the contract guarantees the safety and confidentiality of your commercial data.

What do I need to start using Sales2Go?

After signing the contract, we will ask you for AdWords and Google Analytics login data, as well as access to your website code. Just as in standard campaigns, you should decide what will be your monthly budget and what results you would like to see. For instance, some businesses find 500% ROI a great result, and for others it may be 3000%. If you are not sure, we will help you set reasonable advertising goals.

I have my own team of programmers. Could they set up my website for Sales2Go?

No, it is done by our specialists to make sure everything works as it should.

Do I need to install any software into my website or computer before using Sales2Go?

No. However, your website has to be adjusted in order to communicate with the algorithm. This is taken care of by our programmers.

Do I need training to use Sales2Go?

No, the software is set up by us. We can also help you evaluate campaign results.

How long does it take to start using Sales2Go?

Depending on the structure of your website and other circumstances, setting up the service takes 1-7 working days.